Claire Sparrow

Claire Sparrow

Polestar Educator

Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Specialises in

Seniors, Movement rehabilitation, Functional fitness, Women's health


Claire has been involved in Pilates and movement for 20 years, and has been certified to teach for 14 years. Her qualifications include an honours degree in dance, PGCE and numerous Pilates qualifications including Mat, Reformer and Comprehensive Studio, Pre & Post natal fitness, and endless Pilates qualifications and fitness qualifications. She has not stopped learning and teaching yet, and has no plans to stop anytime soon! Pilates teacher for a decade and a half, Studio owner, Women's Health specialist, Polestar Pilates UK Educator. She is passionate about restoring and enhancing functional movement patterns through Pilates and Movement!


Claire, Studio Director at Chapel Allerton Pilates, describes herself to her clients as a Pilates geek and her clients affectionately call her the smiling Pilates assassin! She is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates after it helped her recover from back and knee injuries thus saving her dance career and kept her strong and healthy through her three pregnancies and being mum to three active, fun-loving boys!

Skills Educator-in-Training, Mentor, Seniors, Movement rehabilitation, Functional fitness, Women's health