Elizabeth Bussey

Elizabeth Bussey

Polestar Educator, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Human Potential Life Coach

Lewes, East Sussex and London

Specialises in

Human Potential Life Coaching, Self Leadership Mentoring, Pilates Teaching Skills Self Development and Supervision


Liz spent the first 16 years of life in Europe, where she received a diverse international education. From a very early age, Liz held a deep curiosity for human movement potential and specialised in leading several sports teams to European and county level competitions. This has inspired her to travel extensively, supporting teachers and students across the world for over two decades.

Liz is highly regarded for her creative teaching style and inclusive approach to others. Her fascination with alternative educational perspectives began when she trained as a Montessori teacher in her late teens, continuing with her BA Hons in Education at the University of Surrey. Her belief in nurturing the true potential of the child, and now the adult, has been and still is paramount to Liz as a health professional and also as a mother.

Liz has always had a thirst for exploring our true innate nature as a Human Being and our unique relationships with Life. This encouraged her in the late 90’s to transition from her role as a Children’s book Editor to qualify as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher. Understanding the concept of being and becoming a role model of ‘Integrated Health’ became a fundamental priority for Liz.

In 1998 she was invited to support the development of the Pilates Institute and had the fortune to travel worldwide, presenting at many top level international conferences and trainings. As her journey into the BodyMind world progressed, Liz’s instinctual curiosity enabled her to dive deeper into her own personal development and so she embarked on several self exploratory programmes such as - Aston Patterning, NLP, Trager, KMI level 1, Antony Robbins Mastery University and Women In Power amongst others.

In 2004, after training with both Elizabeth Larkham and Brent Anderson at Polestar Pilates US, Liz was invited to join the Polestar UK Education Team. She has been a Lead Polestar Pilates Educator and Examiner now for over 15 years. To up-hold the top quality Polestar Pilates UK training approach, Liz fine tuned her professional expertise by becoming a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist in 2014 with CTET.

Encouraging and supporting a healthy communicational field became Liz’s forte and so qualifying as a Human Potential Life Coach in 2016 was inevitable. She quickly realised, by simply observing and allowing Life’s natural flow, provides the necessary opportunity for health to truly flourish. This was powerfully reflected to Liz recently during her Permaculture Design Training and the Applied Functional Medicine in Practice training in 2017.

In 2019, Liz will be advancing her Life Mentoring skills by attending the first global Self Actualisation Mentor Training with Dr Mark Atkinson. She is also launching the first ‘Ego Detox Programme’ - a personal development, Life Skills Programme for teachers and practitioners within the health and fitness industry.

Such profound professional and personal learning experiences enables Liz to offer Teaching Skills Supervision, Life Mentoring and Health Coaching worldwide to a wide variety of clients of all ages.


Liz Bussey is a leading Human Potential Coach, Life Teacher and International Pilates Practitioner. She is a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral therapist and the Lead Coach for Polestar Pilates UK.


BA Hons - Education
Lead Polestar Pilates UK Educator, Supervisor and Examiner
PilatesCoach Director
The Ego Detox Programme Creator
Human Potential Life Coach and Mentor
Self Actualisation Mentor in Training
Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist
Applied Function Medicine in Practice Guide
Permaculture Designer