Mat Course Content

1 Jan 2020

Mat Course Content

Gateway Module

Gateway Pilates is an online+weekend introductory course to the Pilates Method and the Polestar approach.  It can be taken stand-alone or as an integral part of the mat course.  See here for more information.

PPO Module – Polestar Principles Online

Experience and apply the theories of movement that lay the foundation for Polestar Pilates in this prerequisite for all other Polestar courses. Using evidence-based research, you will discover the passage ways for movement throughout the body and develop the tools to provide either assistance for or challenge your clients in helping them achieve their goals.

Polestar Principles will bring to life your ability to assess, problem-solve, design and modify exercise programs to meet specific needs and abilities.

This is a 10-hour online course with 8 segments. Each segment will be available after the completion of the previous one. Quizzes, resources, and discussions qualify your learning as you go through the course.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics and communication;
  • Understand the Polestar Principles of Movement;
  • Demonstrate ability to correctly execute and teach over 130 exercises and their variations;
  • Be able to use the ICF Model or the Polestar Screening™, specifically designed for the movement professional, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing to determine your clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals.

M1 Module

Mat Level 1

This 2-day course teaches 9 preparatory (or pre-Pilates) mat exercises and 16 Pilates mat exercises for beginning and intermediate levels. The six basic Polestar Pilates Principles are incorporated into the learning process, to provide a clear understanding of the underlying fundamentals of each mat exercise. Programme design and exercise sequencing are addressed for a variety of group exercise and personal training settings. Verbal, tactile and imagery cues are used to facilitate motor learning.

Tuition: Two days, 16 hours

M2 Module

Mat Level 2

19 Pilates-evolved mat exercises are presented for intermediate and advanced levels. This course focuses on practical teaching experience that emphasises group dynamics. Polestar Pilates Principles are applied to verbal, tactile and combined cueing. Programme design and exercise sequencing are discussed for a variety of clients and class settings. To enhance teaching outcomes, Polestar instructors provide analysis and critique of instructional styles.

Tuition: Two days, 16 hours

M3 Module

Mat Level 3

This course incorporates a unique blend of Pilates mat exercises with small props (foam roller, rotating discs, balance board, gym ball, Flex Ring Toner®, and springs) to enhance and challenge your Pilates mat repertoire. Focus will also continue on exercise modification for populations with special needs.

In this course, practical sessions will incorporate exercise transitions and choreography to enhance the quality of your Pilates mat programming. These small props add a unique proprioceptive challenge to the original exercises as well as providing support and assistance to the more challenging Pilates repertoire. Principles of exercise modification are discussed. Emphasis is placed on increasing and decreasing the challenge of the Pilates mat exercises.

Tuition: Two days, 16 hours