What is not included in the course fees?

3 Jul 2019

What is not included in the course fees?

The course cost includes the attendance of all modules (four for mat, six for comprehensive) plus all of your manuals and log books as well as the online learning that you receive upon booking.  We also offer up to three free one-hour review classes each month (covering equipment and mat) which you can book into on Friday afternoons.

In terms of extras, we recommend that during the course that students spend 2-3 hours per week practising what you have learnt in the modules.  We offer the opportunity for students to practise at our studios in London for a cost of either £10 per hour or £50 per month for up to 10 hours.

We also recommend you attend our Friday clubs at least once a month.  These classes on Friday afternoons cost from £20 and are taught by our education team.  They are an invaluable way of consolidating your knowledge.

Seeing one of the education team once a month is also recommended.  These sessions, which can be shared with a fellow student, cost from £65.

Once you have completed the course and are preparing for your exam, we offer regular two-hour revision sessions with our education team which cost from £32.50.

We run exams twice per year which you can book whenever you are ready.  Mat exams cost £195 and studio exams £345.