What are Logbooks and Exercise Check-offs?

22 Aug 2016

What are Logbooks and Exercise Check-offs?

You as the student take responsibility for signing-off the demonstration and teaching sections in your course log book.  When you feel you have mastered the individual exercises, please sign in the appropriate column.

To help you with this we run regular Friday Club classes for students and repertoire reviews which you can book at www.polestar.life.

We also strongly recommend that you have a regular 1-1 session with a member of the education team.  How often you have these sessions is up to you but we would suggest at least once a month.  You can share this session with a fellow student.

The mentor or educator you are seeing is responsible for signing-off the final column in your log book for check-offs.  They will not sign the exercises individually, but rather sign each page.  By having regular 1-1 sessions this process will happen organically. They might also make some comments in your log book about specific things you need to focus on for either teaching or demonstration.

With regard to the rest of your log book, again you are responsible for completing this.  When you are ready to sit your exam and your log book is complete, please ask your educator to sign the final page of your log book.