Will I need additional tuition?

22 Aug 2016

Will I need additional tuition?

Certainly it’s true that without investing in extra sessions it would be difficult for anyone to achieve the highest standard and complete the course having a full understanding of all the exercises.

Students should regard extra sessions as ‘personal development’. We know that it is possible to “scrape through” the exam without much extra help but it really depends upon whether the person wants to be an average instructor, a good instructor, or a great instructor. For those wanting to be great instructor, the learning journey never stops. As much as you earn on one hand seems to be taken by the other for more tuition, be it courses, workshops, or just sessions with other instructors. None of the Polestar team have ever stopped!

We don’t think there is a training course anywhere that would provide unlimited training sessions to meet all of a student’s demands for a limited price. In fact, being mindful of the significant investment our course entails, we try to provide additional support at minimal cost. We actively encourage you to work with fellow students; we offer free observation at the London studio and we provide access for practise there for up to 10 hours a month for a nominal monthly fee of £50.00. Polestar Practise studios usually offer similar arrangements.

Educators/mentors can be booked by the hour for individual sessions or shared with another, subject to space availability. Other workshops will be organised by us separately.